An ATA practitioner, regardless of his or her level, has no right to tell you “who you are”. He can only respectfully communicate to you what he sees and that is what he is patiently educated to do and we dare to say “distorted”. Our trainings contain enough to de-condition those who would have let themselves be taken in by an overly insistent conformism. Above all, it is a question of distinguishing oneself from those who “manipulate”, consciously or not, from those who confuse “magic” or “guroutism” with an ethical practice that respects the future of individuals, whose free will should remain their only master in the long run.

A practitioner is trained to accompany you throughout the process of validating your preferences. Validation that, in the end, you alone must be able to carry out autonomously… Let it be clear, your preferences and your profile belong to you by right and it is therefore up to you at all times to say and affirm who you are! In any case, it is up to you to build your human identity as a citizen, even if of course our approach seeks to contribute in its own way.

The list and contact information of practitioners that you can confidently call upon is available by type of certification, then by region by clicking on the links below (under development)

Certified ActionTypes Trainer – CATT

Certified ActionTypes Coach – CATC

Certified ActionTypes Pro Practitioner – CATPP

Certified ActionTypes Practitioner – CATP

ActionTypes Practitioner – ATP

ActionTypes Practitioners List

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