“Human by ActionTypes” is a community of people who seek to make constructive and ethical use of discoveries and information from the ActionTypes or ATA approach. It is about defending the values related to the importance of diversity while building on those that value the uniqueness of each person. By placing these values at the service of a humanity that is more welcoming and more respectful of its own natural differences, HAT would like to contribute to a better understanding as well as a global well-being between people.

While most individuals strive to respect the scope of the findings of ActionTypes Approach (ATA) , unfortunately some individuals and even organizations take ownership of the findings without really understanding its scope or real meaning. At the end of the day, they often do nothing more than actions where commercialism dominates.

As a result, HAT has decided to develop a quality label that seeks to reassure the public about the ethics and deontology of the use of motor preferences. For us, the people referenced in this site are worthy of your trust and can therefore be contacted to call upon their services. Not only have they demonstrated an unfailing commitment during their training, they also regularly provide ongoing training to keep them up to date. In addition, they have freely decided to sign the Charter of Certified Practitioners of the ActionTypes approach, which allows transparency and accountability with respect to their rights and duties.

This HAT PRO quality label will be recognizable thanks to a logo that we present below :

ATA - HAT Quality Label

Human by ActionTypes partners list

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