Our trainings lead to various certifications, proof of the challenges assumed and the accomplishments achieved by the participants. We take particular care to offer people who wish to train in the ActionTypes approach the conditions that allow them to learn and grow in their own way.

Development is based on appropriation, which can only be achieved if the individual assumes the processes of building his or her identity.

Several partners from different countries and cultures have been selected, as much on ethical criteria as on factors of quality and reliability in order to create the basis of the new HAT group.

ActionTypes Swiss (french, english, german) has a number of dedicated partners whose active collaboration is greatly appreciated :

  • ActionTypes Academy - Netherlands and Benelux (dutch, english)
  • Peter Murphy et Bennie Douwes: The ActionTypes Academy Netherlands is engaged in providing ATA courses and focuses on the areas of sport, education, business (including government) and healthcare. In addition, we are active in the workplace in these fields to apply ATA in an accessible and practical way to help people collaborate and thrive in their own identities.

  • Agilbee - France (french, english) 
  • Patrice Petit : With Coaching, Training, Coaching and Facilitation, AgilBee accompanies companies in Agility to bring them on the path of success in products, services, leadership, innovation, culture and people.

  • Alister Mazzotti - Germany (German, English)
  • Alister Mazzotti : I primarily work in the entertainment industry, with a focus on directing and producing action for movies and commercials worldwide. In the past years I have expanded to coaching individual athletes, teams and artists with neuro-based approaches.

  • Axel Conseil - France (french, english, italian)
  • Francine René & Dominique Fournet :  Axel Conseil has been working with companies since 2005. The ATA® enables trainees to identify their natural dynamic coherence. We then propose solutions adapted to the reality of the field to better communicate, manage, work as a team and allow each employee to express their talents and resources.

  • Axel Sport - France (french, english, italian)
  • Francine René & Dominique Fournet :  Since 2005, Axel Sport has been supporting high-level athletes (golf, soccer, rugby, tennis, handball, swimming, combat sports, etc.). Based on the expertise of our consultants in each discipline, we accompany the athletes on their field to develop with them concrete adaptations and make them quickly autonomous.

  • Coach360 - Netherlands (dutch, english)
  • Christian Spekreijse : You do things your own way. In everything you do, how you move, how you deal with things - your brain always plays an important role. The body doesn't lie and has the potential of many solutions. Development is all about movement. I can move with you to give you both insight and outlook - in sports, education, business, but above all in normal everyday life.

  • Sciensport - France (french, english)
  • Dr Pascal Prévost : For more than 30 years, I have been exploring the human being and his physical, neurophysiological and cognitive adaptation capacities. This allows me to propose, through my consulting and expertise firm, methods and tools (often atypical) allowing to individualize the support of people because we are all unique.

  • Eficiencia - France (french, english)
  • Dr Pascal Prévost : Sharing my knowledge is a vocation born in 1988. Since 2007, it is within my school that I present an approach of the accompaniment essentially centered on the individual, based on the scientific proofs of which the majority are approached in a work which became a reference: "The new bible of the physical preparation" published in French under the title of "la nouvelle bible de la préparation physique".

  • esSENSiel - Switzerland (french, english, german)
  • Eric Christen : As a resource booster, I help raise awareness of the potential that is in each of us through all of our senses and movements. As part of a personal development approach, alone or in a group, professionally or athletically speaking, esSENSiel aims to enable you, depending on the context and environment, to better (self) understand, be able to better decide, better perform.

  • Finnish Mental Coaching and Score Consulting - Finland (finnisch, english) 
  • Jouko Mikkola : Finnish Mental Coaching and Score Consulting is developing teams in working organisations and sports. By understanding different ways of thinking we can create better communication and resilience at work. In different sports we optimize mental and physical performance. At the same time, we help people to find their own unique way to recover from stress and other difficult situations in work and life.

  • Francisco D'Hoore Psycholoog & Coach - Belgium (dutch, spanish, french, english, german) 
  • Francisco D'Hoore, as a psychologist, personal and sports coach, mental coach, aims to inspire and empower people to live to their fullest potential. He believes that "being" is more enjoyable when you consciously create it and when you love what you do. My work takes me from Nato employees to the young talents of the Champions League soccer team as well as to companies.

  • HCM2 - Belgium (dutch, english)
  • Ellen de Wilde & Guido Jacobs : HCM² : Happy Cows, More Milk - A philosophy put into practice by strengthening interpersonal dynamics within teams and companies. A holistic, mind-body approach using ActionTypes and MBTI to develop one's natural profile and unleash one's unique style in leadership, communication, teams and sports. Using golf isometrics, we bring physical characteristics to life.

  • Immanence Conseil - France (french, english)
  • Frédéric Marquet : As a success and serenity facilitator, I help individuals, teams and organizations to reinvent their relational system in order to experience a fluid and sustainable performance. As the creator of Neuro-harmonization and Serenitypes, I help people to better know themselves, to better cooperate and I help them to resolve their traumas.

  • Métamorphoses - Belgium Quebec (french, english), 
  • Jean-Luc Dupont : I have two specialties : concrete tools, which is the subject of my book "You are unique"; in-depth exploration of your type and your relationships; I use deep motivations® with John Beebe's archetypes. I am active with companies, entrepreneurs or sportsmen.

  • Paul Smit Consultancy - Netherlands (dutch, english) : 
  • Paul Smit : "You move therefore you learn therefore you grow". International dual approach in career coaching and pre/post-graduation orientation in education, sports, study abroad and human resources management. Specializes in psychometrics, diagnostic testing and behavioral profiling. Works with students, elite students and athletes, adults and teams.

  • PEPS People - France (french, english) : 
  • Philippe Houssin : Peps People organizes and co-leads the training of ActionTypes certified practitioners in France with the founders of the approach in sports (INSEP, sports federations). Managers, entrepreneurs, osteopaths, physiotherapists, podiatrists, physical trainers and teachers become talent boosters.

  • Perform-Ready - Germany (german, english) : 
  • Dr Elena Kiesling : Dr. Elena Kiesling holds a PhD in American Studies and a M.A. in Sports Sciences. Her professional sports background is beach-volleyball and indoor volleyball. She is the co-founder of Perform Ready, a coaching agency that develops a new art of coaching : individual, open and diverse to the benefit of athletes, businesses and everyone who wants to realize their full potential.

  • Point Fort Conseil - France (french) 
  • Stéphane Bigeard : As a consultant, I accompany those who work together to achieve beautiful projects. I have developed a credo for this: identify and develop the strengths of each person to transform the ordinary into the extra-ordinary and breathe positive energy! ActionTypes is a magnificent lever that I use with joy to discover them.

  • ProKeyCoach - Switzerland (french, english, german, italian, russian)
  • Benoît Pont : Our Individualization approach is based on the ActionTypes approach that we strive to make the world a better place. We offer team consulting and individually coach players of all levels, including some of the best players in the world in our chosen field of expertise, ice hockey.

  • Xxx - Belgium (german, french, english, flemish)
  • Rainer Diehl : Rainer Diehl is a qualified sports scientist, A-trainer and elite trainer of the German Badminton Association.Main fields of work with ATA : Badminton competitive sports, educational systems, children's training.

  • Siegrist Nathalie - Switzerland (german, french, english, spanish)
  • Nathalie Siegrist : As a canoe-kayak coach specializing in whitewater slalom, I use the Action Type Approach® to progress with athletes by trying to better understand them. This approach allows me to work with young competitors as well as with the elite preparing for the Olympic Games, by adapting to each one in his uniqueness.

  • Talentsinlife.nl - Neitherland (dutch, english)
  • Michiel de Ruijter : Talents in Life is linked to Action Types Approach® since 2006. Michiel the owner is specialized in different sports using ATA, especially volleyball. He also has a long experience in training and teaching. As a teacher he has worked and developed projects in connection with ATA for different age groups.

  • Wavesinlife.com - Switzerland (german, french, english)
  • Nathalie Jendly : Life is like the sea and the waves. Sometimes you can't see the lighthouse that saved you from the waves, you seem lost and powerless. Get to know each other and use the waves of life. I offer individual coaching for everyone.

     This list is of course not exhaustive. In the ATA Practitioner pages, you will likely find someone close to you who is qualified to serve you. If this is not the case, you will always be able to activate remote assistance from those who provide it.

    ATA Practitioners list

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