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a solution to leverage your ActionTypes approach

ActionTypes | Virtual Reality

What it is all about

This VR software project, based on the ActionTypes® Approach gives you the opportunity to learn and experience more about your psychomotor skills through an innovative technological help.

What ActionTypes|VR will allow you to :
  • Understand the basics of the ActionTypes approach.
  • Create and develop and confirm your baseline profile.
  • Compare your recent results to your baseline.
  • Help yourself by experiencing and training in an environment fully adapted to
    your preferences (Big Loop).
  • Help yourself by training and increasing your back-up system (Small Loop) for a better overall performance.
  • Observe your different motricities in order to welcome them better.
  • Give ActionTypes the possibility to increase its general knowledge through
    your anonymous data.
How can ActionTypes help you ?
  • Psychomotor preferences are determined by your anatomical construction at a very early stage already…
  • Genetics and environment wil impact these psychomotor preferences
  • Cognition and motricity are intimately linked, it is yet possible through physical exercices to know more about your motor preferences AND cognition functions.
  • These two are profoundly anchored in you
  • However, these preferences can slightly change or develop during your lifespan.
  • A set of preferences creates a profil that will be an accurate tool to help you in terms of cognitive/motor knowledge and abilities.

Your main profile is not 100% stable and is backed up by other preferences in certain times of your daily life.

The so called “Big Loop” determines your main profile (~80% of the time). It is your strength and will give you the capacity to to reach your best. This is only possible when you are feeling good and home

The “Small Loop” determines your second profile (~20 % of your time). It is your best ally to perform when you are upset, in a bad mood, or simply when you need to recover. If you master it, this system can be an excellent way to better yourself, learn new things and avoid “moments of down” during your performance.

atVR - ActionTypes Big Loop-Small Loop 

What will at|VR be made of ?

ATVR_with ActionTypes The VR Headset is the main tool of the project. With it, you will be able to experience Virtual Reality with environment specially made by and for the ActionTypes approach.

  • VR Trackers are your real references transposed in the virtual world. It will provide the accuracy needed for the different exercices proposed by ATVR.
  • The Dynamometer is important when specific exercices including pure strength are chosen. It will give ATVR the ability to measure your strength with accuracy.
at|VR : Adapted Environment Training (AE Training)

at|VR Adapted Environment Training

The AE Training will be the first setting to get developped. You can experience and train your Small Loop , get home and feel secure again by going to your Big Loop or simply open your knowledge and discover the other motricities.

at|VR : Adapted Environment Training

Once the AE Training fully functional, the main goal is to adapt exercices to your sport, using the trackers on your gear for a total immersion.

at|VR : Profiling

at|VR : Profiling Design

at|VR : Profiling Radar

at|VR : Horizontal/Vertical Preferences

Different exercices with different preferences. How will you feel and perform in these different worlds ?

at|VR :Personal / at|VR Community Statistics

at|VR :Test Weight-Split 

at|VR : Test Profile

With the help of the ATVR Software, you will be able to compare yourself globaly or based on your “Big Loop” profile once it is established.

You will also find in this section general statistics about other members of the ATVR Community.

It is also an interesting tool for people who want to get a better overview of their motricity through the time or show it to their ActionTypes praticians for further analyses and adaptations.

ActionTypes | Virtual Reality

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